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Arctic Spas Manuals


110. Sanitizer Readings

1.10.7 Sanitizer Readings.

The following provides guidance on the establishment and maintenance of sanitizer readings.


Sanitizer Readings

You should have sanitizer (Chlorine) readings within 24 hours.
On Start-up, you can add one capful of Arctic Pure “Boost” to the spa water.

Adding a capful of Arctic Pure Boost (Stabilized Chlorine) will establish an instant Free Chlorine level while the Onzen system is producing the residual. This will allow you to safely use the spa until an adequate residual is established.

If levels get too high, turn Sanitizer Production setting down. If you are not getting any readings, turn Sanitizer Production up.

The closer you monitor spa usage, bather load, monitor FCL and adjust Onzen Sanitizer Production Levels ac- cordingly the less sanitizer you will need to add to your spa water.

Use Arctic Pure, Boost to sanitize the water after heavy usage, or if the Chlorine Level is too low. Important: Always test and balance the pH and Chlorine levels before each spa use.

* Expect the pH to increase slowly over each week and when it gets too high use Arctic Pure, Salt Water Bal- ance to correct it.

High Ph will cause premature failure of the system, cloudy water, and decreased effectiveness of the sanitizer.

The OnzenTM system works best with low levels of calcium. Check your calcium hardness levels monthly to en- sure long life of the spa equipment and maximum user enjoyment.

You must use an oxidizer treatment Arctic Pure, Refresh in your spa once a week and after heavy bather loads, add one cap of Arctic Pure, Refresh to your spa, leave the cover open for a minimum of 20 minutes to allow the oxidizer gas to vent. A high concentration of trapped oxidizer gas, which may exist as a result of the shock treat- ment, may eventually cause discoloration or vinyl degeneration to the bottom of the cover. This type of damage is considered chemical abuse and not covered under warranty.